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Brenham Native Continues Family’s Military Legacy


Marines are some of the most highly trained people on the planet. Their job requires a unique skillset, almost as unique as the training itself, and being trained as a marine starts with devoted and dedicated instructors.

Pfc. Christopher Dotson, native to Brenham, Texas, is a student at MATSS-1. As a student, he’s being prepared for service as an aviation supply specialist. He just graduated from Brenham High School this year, joining the Marine Corps one year ago for two honorable reasons.

“I joined the Marine Corps because I wanted to change myself and to add another branch of service to my family’s military legacy. Most of my family who have served are Navy, Air Force or National Guard. I’m a first-generation Marine. My family was ecstatic I was joining and happy for me to be the first.” His talents as a marine will be perfected in the Marine Corps under qualified instructors, but his skills and values began to grow in his native Brenham.

“The main lesson I brought with me was to have good manners and be respectful,” said Dotson. “Those lessons help me by reminding me to remember people’s ranks and to keep my bearing when I’m talking to someone of higher rank.”

MATSS-1 Meridian is committed to developing high-achieving and motivated Marines, learning new things every day of their career. After boot camp, the school provides entry-level “A” school training in administration and supply occupational specialties. 90% of global commerce travels by sea, and access to the Internet relies on the security of undersea fiber optic cables. It’s important the United States has trained sailors – as well as specialists like Dotson for support.

Strengthening alliances, rebuilding military readiness, and reforming business practices to support the National Defense Strategy wouldn’t be possible without future Marines like Dotson. Marines are a vital cog in the machine that are always ready to serve our country. Plentiful opportunities and accomplishments await Dotson during military service.

“My proudest accomplishment is earning my eagle, globe and anchor (EGA) atop the ‘Reaper,’” said Dotson. “The Reaper is the mountain at the end of the last hike we do during boot camp at Camp Pendleton. Getting to the top of the Reaper and getting my EGA meant I’d earned the title of Marine and had added to my family’s military tradition.”

Dotson’s military career would not have been possible without the help of positive influences and family. He thanks one person in particular.

“I want to thank my mom, Rachel Dotson, because she was one of the people I talked to about it before I enlisted. She contacted all of my family members in the military to talk to me about it and she kept me going through boot camp. Her letters really helped.”

He shares the same praise for fellow marines, mentors, and his recruiter. “I would like to thank my recruiter, Gunnery Sgt. Cordoba, because he was the main reason I decided to join the service,” added Dotson. “He talked to me when I was in JROTC. He remembered my family’s military tradition and asked if I wanted to be the first. I told him I wasn’t sure, but then he said I could talk smack to them and I was in. I also want to thank Senior Drill Instructor Sgt. Jones because he taught me a lot during boot camp, mainly about being a man and how to grow into the expectations the Marine
Corps has.” There’s selflessness in what Dotson does. As Dotson and other United States marines complete missions, he takes pride in serving his country.

“Serving in the Marine Corps means I am serving my country and fighting for something besides myself. I’d rather fight for something I actually believe in and help other people. I’d rather do something with my life for others instead of only doing it for myself.”

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